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The Fume Hood Monitor tracks the operating condition of a fume hood’s exhaust system and emits alarms under a variety of conditions, ranging from low differential static pressure to power failure. It also provides face velocity control for variable air volume (VAV) valves. The new X30 Series Fume Hood Monitor has enhanced alarms, International flexibility, easy commissioning, more power options and the new streamlined appearance.
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 Fume Hood Monitor
(X30 Series)
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The ZPS detects movement in front of a fume hood. When someone is inside its detection zone, the ZPS sends a signal to the fume hood system, which responds by increasing the airflow to the fume hood. Airflow decreases when no one is in the detection area, resulting in substantial energy savings without jeopardizing safety. Control fume hood face velocity and reduce energy costs by up to 40%. The ZPS200 Series works seamlessly with the digital and analog product lines. Settings for the detection zone and standby mode are adjustable for custom applications. A wide range of mounting heights is also available to accommodate common and unique fume hood sizes. No need to request DC or AC voltage when ordering the ZPS200 series. Each unit can be powered by either +15 Vdc or 24 Vac. The ZPS200 series is more compact with a neutral color and design that matches other Phoenix Controls products, giving critical spaces a unified look.
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 Zone Presence Sensor
(ZPS200 Series)