Providing Critical Airflow
Systems for Safe, Scientific

Safe Air Environment Systems

The Kirkman Oliver Company (TKO) offers a wide variety of solutions for critical airflow applications within research and development facilities, chemistry laboratories, life science/healthcare environments, and other applications where controlled, directional airflow is necessary and monitored.

We are exclusive representatives for Phoenix Controls, Aircuity Systems, Strobic Fans and Danfoss Valves. Our products and expertise help create safe air environments for science and research by supplying laboratory airflow control systems.

Our sales and service expertise crosses into a broad range of industries and end users:







TKO is the Delaware Valley’s ‘best in class’ provider for proprietary hardware solutions for scholastic, medical, and laboratory applications. TKO works with owners and consulting engineers on the application, design, and implementation of projects where environmental sustainability, precision, and performance are required in critical environments. We supply and support our products in applications throughout the Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey markets. We are the best at what we do.

Phoenix Controls innovative airflow control solutions provide new ways to monitor air, save energy, and reduce the cost
of maintaining critical room HVAC systems. As building airflow control systems become more complex, their
maintenance costs rise. Phoenix Controls delivers solutions for energy efficient critical room control system that require
virtually no maintenance for the entire life of the building. VISIT WEBSITE

  • Airflow Control Valves
  • Slim-Line Monitors
  • Active Pressure Monitors
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • Compact Cage Rack Valves
  • Wireless Sash Sensors
  • Celeris Laboratory Airflow Control Systems
  • UBC (Usage Based Controls)
  • Electric Actuation

Aircuity OptNet Systems are capable of accurately measuring critical ventilation parameters within a building and providing intelligent inputs to the building management system to control outside fresh air levels in response to dynamically changing indoor environmental conditions. Facility managers, owners, or laboratory safety personnel can all access detailed information about the indoor environmental quality of their building. VISIT WEBSITE

Strobic Air Technologies’ Tri-Stack® exhaust systems are practical, costeffective, and energy efficient SAFE solutions for all of your critical air exhaust needs. They are also the most durable, longest lived systems in the industry. Whether your concern is pollution abatement, reentrainment, odor control or other critical air applications, Tri-Stack® exhaust systems offer an effective, safe solution. VISIT WEBSITE

Danfoss manufactures a variety of valves for A/C, commercial, and industrial applications like those found in laboratory and other controlled air environments. VISIT WEBSITE


TKO clients represent the ‘best of the best’ in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. A short list includes:


AstraZeneca | Aventis Pasteur |Bristol Myers Squibb | Eli Lily | GlaxoSmithKline | J-Star | Johnson & Johnson |Merck Rahway |
Novartis | Spark Therapeutics | WuXi | Wyeth


Army Corps | DEP | FAA | NJSP Tech Complex | Passaic Valley


Air Products | Chemours | DuPont | Firmenich | FMC | Hercules | Hershey Chocolate | Johnson Matthey | Lab Corp
WL Gore


Bryn Mawr College | Bucknell University | Delaware State | Drew University | Drexel University | Franklin & Marshall
Gettysburg College | Kings College | Muhlenberg College | Princeton University | Rowan University | Rutgers University
Swarthmore | University of Delaware | University of Pennsylvania | Villanova | West Chester University
Wilkes University


AI Dupont Children’s Hospital of PA | CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) | Geisinger | Hospital of the University of PA | Hershey Hospital
Jersey City Medical Center | Lankenau | Pinnacle Health Systems | Temple Hospital | Veteran’s Hospital


Our highly experienced sales team has over 70 years of combined experience in the building products industry and a field technician team to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Grant Merrill, Vice President


Erik App, Sales Engineer
Phone: 610-906-2451

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